Monday, February 25, 2019

Fake News

GenoChoice - I believe that GenoChoice is a fake website. This website is fake because it does not have a good amount of information. The way the picture of the doctor is placed in the page just makes me think that someone made this who doesn't know what they are doing.

Buy an Ancestor Online - I think that this website is fake. The website includes a lot of ads. There is honestly more ads on the page than actual information. All the information that is on the page is not organized.

Mankato - This page is 100% fake. The background of this page just shows that someone that doesn't do this for a living made this page. The pictures that were included in the page are of a beach and a castle are not of Minnesota.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Perspective Photo

This is my example of my pano-perspective photo. I made Mike take the photo. I walked around Mike so I would have two different face expressions in the same picture. This shows that you can be in the same picture twice. I like this technique because you could show different sides of yourself in one picture.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Leading Lines

Sandwich Boardwalk

lde Barney #13 Tee 

We use leading lines to help tell us where to put our focus in the picture. My first picture is a picture of the Sandwich Boardwalk. The bridge's edges are equally apart and it evens out the rest of the picture. The second picture is from my favorite golf course; Olde Barnstable Fairground Golf Course. The example of the leading lines in this picture is the tree line on each side of the fairway. It focuses your attention to the fairway that id in the sun.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Point of View

Image result for grand canyon river tour

Image result for top of mount washington summer

Image result for top of green monster

The three photos that I have chosen have been places where I have been lucky enough to have visited. In the first picture I took, my family was on a river tour of the Grand Cayon. It was truly amazing to see how big the Grand Canyon actually was. You could really see that in this picture because you are way below the top. The second picture is when I hiked to the top of Mount Washington. It was cool to see how high up you actually were. The last picture is when I was able to go on the Green Monster during a tour of Fenway Park. You always hear how tall the wall is on tv but you actually don't realize it till you see it for yourself. 


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